22 fabulously fantastic stories I read in December

December was full of wonderful short fiction, and in this monthly roundup I am making space for some special mentions. I'm very sad to say that December 2017 brought us the last issue of Gamut. I've really loved the strong voice and vivid dark/noir vibe of this magazine. Gamut published some of my favourite stories... Continue Reading →


DARK FLASH 2 is now available!

Yes, it's here: my second flash fiction collection, 'Dark Flash 2', is now available! It contains all ten stories that I wrote for The Word Count Podcast this year, and it's available in various ebook-formats all over the place: Amazon / Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Amazon Australia Smashwords (various formats) Barnes & Noble Apple iBooks Kobo (Read more about the... Continue Reading →

A cover-reveal for ‘Dark Flash 2’

Some small-ish self-publication news: later this year (probably in December or thereabouts), I'll be self-publishing all my 2017 stories for the Word Count Podcast in Dark Flash 2. I did the same with the eight stories I published on the podcast in 2016 (available from Amazon and Smashwords), and I thought I might as well make... Continue Reading →

Story notes for three stories

Three of my stories were published in May, and I thought I'd share some background for each of them. I've been thinking about these stories a lot this past month (no surprise!), partly because the writing process for each of them was so different. And oh, if you want to support excellent speculative fiction, consider... Continue Reading →

February / March recap: stories & more

Time to blab about what I've been up to lately, writing-wise. February and March have been good writing months in some ways, and a struggle in other. I'm feeling a twinge of writers-block pinching at my thoughts occasionally, and that is making me freak out: I've already wasted quite enough years of my life NOT... Continue Reading →

New release: DARK FLASH is now available!

My flash fiction anthology 'Dark Flash' is now available from Amazon, Smashwords, Apple  iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo. It contains the eight stories I  wrote for R.B. Wood's Word Count  Podcast this year: The Unicorn, Nemesis, Miriam and Cat, Treasure Island, True Words (Kirke's Bed & Breakfast), Chiaroscuro, OK Computer, and The Demon. It's... Continue Reading →

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