Maria Haskins

Writer & Translator

Books & Anthologies

Read my stories in these anthologies & publications:

  • TUNGUSKA, 1987 – in Tales From Alternate Earths: buy it / in paperback.
  • SEVEN KINDS OF BAKED GOODS – in Just Desserts: buy it.
  • LONG AS I CAN SEE THE LIGHT – in People Are Strange: buy it.
  • THE BREAKING OF THE WORLD – in People Are Strange: buy it.
  • SCENT – in Flash Fiction Online 2016 Anthology Volume III: Horror: buy it.
  • BIOLUMINESCENCE – in Phobos Issue Four: Deep Black Seabuy it.

Dark Flash 2

Release date: December 4th, 2017


Ten stories of dark fantasy, science fiction, and horror. Wolves and angels, witches and robots, beasts and lost children – there’s a bit of everything in this collection of flash fiction! All ten stories originally appeared on R.B. Wood’s Word Count Podcast.

Phobos Issue Four: Deep Black Sea

Release date: July, 2017


Includes my story ‘Bioluminescence’.

A collection of thirteen short stories, flash fiction, and poetry inspired by the dark call of the sea, featuring up and coming writers from around the globe.

Flash Fiction Online 2016 Anthology Volume III: Horror

Release date: March 30, 2017


Includes my flash fiction story ‘Scent’.

These quick yet spine-tingling reads carry on Flash Fiction Online’s tradition of proving short-short stories can pack a huge punch. Edited by Suzanne W. Vincent

Dark Flash

Release date: December 6, 2016


Eight stories of dark fantasy, science fiction, and horror. Featuring unicorns, pirates, a cat, a demon, magic, and glimpses of mythology (among other things) – there’s a pinch of everything in this collection of flash fiction! All eight stories originally appeared on R.B. Wood’s Word Count Podcast, and are now available as an ebook for the first time.

Get it now from Amazon / Smashwords / Kobo / Apple iBooks / Barnes & Noble.

Just Desserts

Release date: October 31, 2016


Includes my fantasy tale “Seven Kinds of Baked Goods”. (Read my story notes.)

Whether you like your revenge with the molten fire of a fine old Scotch or the cool sweetness of a tasty meringue, the nineteen tales within these covers should offer something to assuage you.

People Are Strange

Release date: September 6, 2016


Includes my science fiction story “Long As I Can See The Light”, and my fantasy romp “The Breaking Of The World”. (Read my story notes.)

*12 Stories and 7 poems, inspired by 19 photographs*

Tales From Alternate Earths

Release date: August 19th, 2016


Includes my alternate history / science fiction story “Tunguska, 1987”. (Read my story notes.)

Our world could have been so very different…

Eight stories take us on a journey into how our world could have been.

Cuts & Collected Poems 1989-2015

Release date: November 9th, 2015.


‘Cuts’ is Maria Haskins’ first collection of poetry written in English. Also included in this book are her three previously published collections of poetry, translated from the original Swedish to English by the author.

Odin’s Eye

Release date: March 18, 2015


Twelve evocative science-fiction short stories set in a distant, or maybe not so distant, future. Inspired by past and present science fiction masters like Ray Bradbury, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Isaac Asimov.

In paperback: CreateSpace – Amazon –  Barnes & Noble 

As an ebook: Amazon – Apple iBooks  – Smashwords – Barnes & Noble – Kobo

Lost And Found: A short story from ODIN’S EYE

Available for FREE!


Somewhere in the vast depths of space, a mission has gone horribly wrong. Now a woman is trapped all alone on an alien planet with nothing but her pain and her harrowing memories. At least, she thought she was alone…

Lost And Found is a chilling and evocative science fiction short story from Maria Haskins’ book ODIN’S EYE.

Two of my poems from ‘Cuts & Collected Poems 1989-2015’ are also included with this short story.

Get it for free at Smashwords / Apple iBooks / Kobo / Barnes & Noble / Amazon

Waiting For The Machines To Fall Asleep

Release date: May 6, 2015


26 short stories from the new wave of Swedish speculative fiction writers, featuring my short my short story ‘Lost And Found’ from ODIN’S EYE.

Available from Amazon.

Kärlek i maskinernas tid

Release date: October, 2014


A Swedish science fiction anthology published by Affront Förlag in Sweden. It includes my short story ‘Bethel’, available in English in ODIN’S EYE.

Affront Förlag / Ad Libris (Swedish online bookstore)


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