Maria Haskins

Writer & Translator

My Reading List

Like every reading list, this one is a constant work in progress: titles get added, dropped, and some books even get finished!


Previously read books & my reviews:

A list of previously-read books from my Reading List, and all my reviews of those books, can now be found under My Book Reviews.

8 thoughts on “My Reading List

  1. Thanks for adding Gone to your reading list! The reason I wrote it was because of what happened to my daughter (as accounted in Slings & Arrows). It’s a fantasy and is one answer to the question: Where had my daughter gone? after she was severely brain damaged at the age of two and lived for a further, agonising, 17 years, until her second and final death.

    It’s not morbid, however, but, in my opinion, inspirational and a great adventure!

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    1. Wow, what an amazing and inspired way to deal with that grief. {{{hugs and love for you}}} Will be reading Gone with a deeper understanding, for sure.


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