Inspired by my fellow author Eden Baylee, I’ve been contributing stories to R.B. Wood’s wonderful Word Count Podcast the last few months, and I am absolutely loving the experience. Each podcast starts with a 3-word story-prompt, you then write your story, record it (it can’t be longer than 7 minutes), and submit it to the podcast.

The latest story-prompt was cat, flower, dawn, and I wrote a story called ‘Miriam and Cat’. You can listen to my story, and stories by writers C. Thomas Smith, Cameron D. Garriepy, Eden Baylee, and Bill Kirton here.

I love writing for the podcast because it’s almost like magic: first I have no story, then I read the story prompt, and after mulling it over and typing for a bit I have a brand new story that didn’t exist before. If that’s not magic, I don’t know what is.

It’s also a whole lot of fun, and I find it really sets my creativity free in a way that actually surprises me. ‘Miriam and Cat’ came to me, as some stories tend to do, with its very first sentence: “Cat waited for Miriam to get up.”