It’s amazing what you can find when you rummage through old newspaper clippings. Or rather: what your mom can find when she rummages through old newspaper clippings. Below is a scan of a writeup from Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet in April, 1989; all about an event at a theatre in Stockholm where my then-publisher Norstedts presented the works of six literary debutantes. (I was still Maria Larsson back then.)

I wasn’t able to attend, so Stellan Skarsgård (yeah, that Stellan Skarsgård!) read my poetry to the assembled literati.

Wonder if he’s available for an encore, what with all his current Marvel projects…?


Translation of the first part of the piece (where I’m mentioned): “On Monday night authors and media-people gathered at Södra Teatern in Stockholm where publisher Norstedts presented this spring’s six debutantes. / Maria Larsson’s poems were read by Stellan Skarsgård…”

And the caption for the photo of Stellan Skarsgård: “Debutante Maria Larsson could not attend so Stellan Skarsgård read her poems, here with poetry-debutante Susanna Román.”

All my poems are now available in English (for Stellan and everyone else…):


Cuts & Collected Poems 1989 – 2015’.