Right now I’m in the final stages of formatting ‘Cuts & Collected Poems 1989-2015’ – my upcoming release – for Smashwords. If you’ve ever formatted something for Smashwords, you’ll know that this can be a rather arduous process. I did manage it for ODIN’S EYE, so I’m hoping things will go relatively smoothly this time… but you never know. After that, I’m formatting the Kindle edition, and the CreateSpace paperback edition. That should be easier (at least it was last time) and might only result in minor formatting-rage…

‘Cuts & Collected Poems 1989-2015’ contains some new poetry, the first I’ve ever written in English, and my three Swedish collections of poetry translated into English, by me, for the first time.


Anyway. I’m hoping to have a release date set in the near future. Right now I’m at the stage before publication where I’m convinced it is a horrible idea to release this collection of poetry (see chart above), and that I’d be better off scrapping it. In the past, I might have listened to that voice in my head, but this time around I know that it’s better to take a deep breath and just continue as though everything is just fine.

Poetry is coming.