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DARK FLASH 2 is now available!

Yes, it's here: my second flash fiction collection, 'Dark Flash 2', is now available! It contains all ten stories that I wrote for The Word Count Podcast this year, and it's available in various ebook-formats all over the place: Amazon / Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Amazon Australia Smashwords (various formats) Barnes & Noble Apple iBooks Kobo (Read more about the... Continue Reading →

A cover-reveal for ‘Dark Flash 2’

Some small-ish self-publication news: later this year (probably in December or thereabouts), I'll be self-publishing all my 2017 stories for the Word Count Podcast in Dark Flash 2. I did the same with the eight stories I published on the podcast in 2016 (available from Amazon and Smashwords), and I thought I might as well make... Continue Reading →

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